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Down 'n' dirty driving guitar riffs, strong stadium vocals & tight melodies with Zep, Purple & Lizzy influences.

Formed in 2008 initially as a songwriting and recording project, British rock band New Earthlings will release a self-produced album of catchy, hooky rock songs in 2017, featuring all original material. There are 10 tracks on the album.


Down ‘n’ dirty driving guitar riffs, strong stadium vocals and tight melodies with Zep, Purple and Lizzy influences.


Swain lead vocals / guitar / bass / BV

Geoff Platt guitars / BV

Tony Salway grand piano / keyboards


Christopher Robin Davy drums

Nick Kennedy cover art


“New Earthlings has a dynamic sound: a hybrid of rock, pop, alternative and contemporary. The sky is the limit for such a psychedelic powerhouse. Their innate talent and creativity has earned them a spot on our #360WatchList.”

Vaughn Lowery - 360 Mag

"This is a rock n’ roll album, with plenty of groove, melody and swagger: it can take you to a whole new level of rock awareness, if you’ll only let it!”

Rick Jamm - Jamsphere Magazine


Formed in 2008 as a songwriting and recording project, rock band New Earthlings presents a self-produced debut album of catchy, hooky rock songs, featuring all original material.

(Like a) Jigsaw



Mad as Hell

Subject to Status


King Kong


Your Own Worst Disguise

One More Try


Swain on lead vocals, guitar and bass.

Swain has had varied musical tastes ranging from classic rock, through to drum & bass and hip hop. During his secndary schooldays, his musical persuits included playing acoustic guitar in a folk band, singing in choirs and playing alto sax in a jazz band.

Whilst at University, Swain gained a taste for music on the heavier side and was influenced by a number of bands such as Metallica, Killswitch Engage and System of a Down to name but a few.

Since then, Swain has played mainly in rock and metal bands. lending his hand mostly to vocals and bass guitar.

The sessions with New Earthlings have given him the opportunity to write and record songs that have numerous styles, spanning more than one genre, whilst retaining a great ballad-feel and great catchy hooks.

Swain mainly plays a Gibson SG Special electric guitar and a number of basses, particularly the Yamaha RBX-375.

Tony Salway on grand piano and keyboards.

Tony began playing keyboards whilst in primary school and by university had completed the ABRSM piano grades.

After leaving uni, Tony recorded the first EP from Milton Keynes prog metal band Temples Burning (fronted by Swain on vox). Later, he would join the band as synth player.

Temples Burning stopped in early 2010 after which Tony recorded various local bands over the next few years including an iteration of New Earthlings. After a shift of personnel in that band, Tony joined as keyboards player in 2011.

Tony plays (amongst others) a Yamaha Motif XF8 Synth, Yamaha MOX8 Synth, and had use of the fabulous Yamaha CFX Concert Grand for the album.

Geoff Platt on guitars and vocals.

Geoff has been coming up with tunes since the age of nine, many of

which have been rattling around his head since that time. Self taught, first on classical guitar and then electric, Geoff has sought to combine the two and create a style all his own: the nylon-strung electric guitar.

By 1977 Geoff had joined rock band Starlight Cruiser, which produced songs such as Oil, Illusions (with Nick Kennedy) and Freedom (with Andy Harden). In the mid-1980s Geoff and Nick formed All Above Six, where Chameleon was born.

By 1989 Geoff and Nick had formed The Earthlings as a duo, penning Subject to Status amongst others.

Fast-forward to 2008, where Geoff felt the need to re-invent the old songs and write some new ones. In July of that year, Geoff combined forces with vocalist/guitarist/bassist Swain, Keyboard player Dan Friess and drummer Simon White to form the first incarnation of New Earthlings.

It would be January 2012 before work started on the album, adding Grade 8 pianist Tony Salway to the keyboards position. Geoff had a number of new tunes in the pipeline, to which Swain would add lyrics: (Like a) Jigsaw, Your Own Worst Disguise and

One More Try all came to life during those sessions. Mad as Hell and King Kong would bring the total up to an even ten.

Drumming duties came by way of master-of-the-skins Christopher Robin Davy, who recorded all ten tracks – amongst the pictures of an art gallery – in just three consecutive Thursday evenings.

Although Geoff, Swain and Tony had recorded other bands’ demos and EPs before, they hadn’t tackled a whole album. This is the result of a learning curve and a lot of hard work, of which they are justifiably proud.

Christopher Robin Davy on drums.

After finishing college in 2006, Christopher has played with a whole host of bands throughout Milton Keynes, Banbury, Birmingham and London. His drumming is influenced strongly by the likes of Sebastian Rochford and Brian Blade, and he has played alongside the Vaccines, Grouplove and even shared a stage with Tom Jones.

Chris continues to play for several groups, and lends his skills out for recording sessions as and when he is needed.

The sessions with New Earthlings were very exciting, and each track was learned on the day, with only two or three takes per song – allowing for a very natural feel to each track, and no time to overthink the parts!

Chris plays a Ludwig superclassic kit, with Noble and Cooley solid shell snare.

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